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Suburban Decay: The Best of Dave Mavis

Effective Date of Registration: TBD

Finished in four-track form:



Begun in four-track form:

Bottle of Love II
Dirty, Ishy, Sharp, Wet, and Hot
Echo Some Tune
I Came To Play
Isolation for Christmas


Nice performance, extremely lo-fi recording on Bride's computer:

Big Day Tomorrow


Song basically finished but haven't started any recording:

I Hate A Parade
DaDa, Bubbles, and Birds
You Are The Page
Sadness & The Blues
The Lord Don't
The Story of the Thought
The Lure of the Bed
Swqeatshirt (Live)
Million Dollar Idea
Yay Or Nay


Totally not really even finished or started recording:

The Same
Moody and Cool
All The Things You Thought You Knew
It Was the Wild, Wild West
Gee It Sure Is Good To See You
Takin' A Pee
Superstitious Man
The Flower Goes Growing
It's Clear To Me You Want To Leave (Martyr)


Somewhat started and technically stalled:

End of the Skies (edited studio version w/2 new verses)
Meow #5: One
Meow #6: The Other
New Dream (PT DD 85)

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