Kaptain Karl: My Relationship With The Piano: List of Pieces
by Memphis Evans

Kaptain Karl
My Relationship With The Piano

Tape 1
rec. 2-18-12, notes 2-20-12

Opus 1
"Mission Statement"
Really great intro piece

Opus 2
Picks up into a slow & badass 4/4

Opus 3
BiPolar minor/Major Waltz 6/8

laughing and talking

Opus 4
i. "Gyroscope" Speed piece turns into swing blues
ii. "Lucky Swing" Memphis kicks off extended swing part

maniacal laughing and talking

Opus 5
"Fanfare For A Falun King"
Upbeat mid-tempo 4/4

Opus 6
Dramatic, Movie-like, tense 6/8 more or less
Starts well
not my favorite - little momentum, little interaction

Opus 7
"Ragtime The Obvious Precedent"
2/4 if I know what that means


Opus 8
"Snaky Brushes"
Threatening bass, Good pauses, very short, great interaction

5 minutes or so of blank space

Tape 2 rec. 2-18-12, notes 2-20-12

Opus 9
i. "The Memphis Stomp"
Me jumping from oot to foot, chicken shake
Slow, Fun, Interesting becomes a waltz
ii. "Dream in a Field"
Waltz, then returns to 4/4

Opus 10
"The K. Eric Blues"
Chicken shake then drums

Opus 11
"We Were Talking (Intensity)"
Good dynamics, interplay, melodic ideas
Floor tom, Drums, clicking on rims
Perfect ending occurs a minute or so before we stop playing

Opus 12
The First Slow One With Brushes
"Breathing Apparatus"
That was pretty nice! Yeah!

Opus 13 (w/false start)
The First Sort-Of Latin One
Memphis over his head
Karl gives Memphis plenty of space
Maybe worth it for the ending

Opus 14
"Perpetual Motion Machine"
Elegiac, Melodic Waltz 6/8
Really nice

Opus 15
"Cawl And Responts"
Inconsistent Disco emerges
Disco Qs
Really nice

Opus 16
"Barely There"
Slow, moody, Major 7 feel

Opus 17
Cheerful, high pitch piano bits becomes swing blues, then interactive march
(cuts off)

Tape 3
rec. 2-18-12, notes 2-20-12

Opus 17 (continued)
Edit out "Lean On Me" quote during leader of tape
Great ending for piece begun on previous tape

Opus 18
Karl: "Could you play something in a compound meter?"
Me: "Sure"
"Code E"
"Code E Weather"
5/4 piece, straight then swung
Karl leaves plenty of space for Memphis
Meh, Doesn't really take off...

Opus 19
i. "Space Exploration"
Rambling, very short, no rhythm per se
ii. 12/8 "Walking on Saturn" then (iii. Marching Home)
Clearly same key, continuation of previous idea

Opus 20 w/false start
Slow 4/4 Great ideas from Karl
Good, simple beat from Memphis
Swings, then slows

Opus 22 w/false start (Opus 21?)
(Oops. why did I not label one as Opus 21? Oh well. Too late.)
The Second Slow One With Brushes
Heresy: Add slap delay to snare mic only
Good melody from Karl
Good interaction

Opus 23
Barbershoppy chords, Descending thing - rises and falls
Simple beat from Memphis - good high hat/stick work


Opus 24
A K.C., NE thing attempt
Upbeat & Fun
Good melodic & chordal ideas from Karl
Great interaction
Great ending w/o final 4 piano hits

Opus 25
"Also Called Twisting"

Opus 26
"Grieg Foreigner Strauss"
Rolling Floor Tom, Chicken Shake
Good interaction, Nice, steady beat

Opus 27
"27 Small Decisions"
Memphis not in evidence - possibly on sandblox
(cuts off)

Tape 4
rec. 2-19-12, notes 2-21-12 (just after midnight)

Opus 28
Ominous, Speedy, then Limping
Good interaction, Metric shifts, Good dynamics

Opus 29
The Second Sort-Of Latin One
(Better than the first such: Op. 13)
Cha-cha-cha ending

Opus 30 w/false start
The First Pop One Inspired By Prince


Opus 31
March of the Swingers

Opus 32
The Second Pop One Inspired By Prince
(more successful than the first: Op. 30)
Good ideas from Karl
Simple beat from Memphis
Good interaction

Opus 33
Good ideas from Karl
Simple, med-tempo beat from Memphis
Very short

Opus 34
The First Intentionally Disco One
Really nice stuff from Karl
Fascinating non-interacting parts, then suddenly a good ending

Opus 35 w/false start
Fastest one yet? Good 2nd track for CD?

Opus 36
"Family Sunday"
Great ideas from Karl
becomes disco, ends well

Opus 37 w/false start? Ending to previous? Cackling laughter
"Let's Start Together"
Almost a beat

Opus 38
Ominous, Fast Start, Fast 4/4
Great telepathic ending

Opus 39
"(Let Us Not Say) Farewell"
6/8 A Farewell
YES - last one on CD

Opus 40
Also like the news (like Op. 5)
1st Bo Diddley beat
1st Big Band Toms beat

Opus 41
Also Like Ragtime, But Only At First
More Like Space Exploration
2nd Big Band Tom beat
Steady, reliable beat as Karl goes pleasantly bananas
Chicken shake

Opus 42
"Plea Machine"
Memphis sandblox only
(cuts off, but perfectly so)

Memphis Evans has been best friends with Kaptain Karl for nearly twenty years. He was sidelined for the 2011 season with bilateral leg weakness, but has worked hard this offseason and looks forward to making a run at a pennant this year.

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