Shotgun Johnson & the Mississippi Seven

The band is now on Facebook for those who enjoy this "web 2.0" fad.


Stuart Cole: accordion, guitar, harmonica
Memphis Evans: drums
Andy Honigman: bass
Kaptain Karl: guitar, mandolin, ukelele
Scuffy (not Scruffy) Pucker: banjo, squeezebox
Scrappy Pucker: flute
Bill Turner: keyboard, guitar

In addition to their instrumental responsibilities, several participants sing. Click on each person's name for further information. (Note: Shotgun Johnson so rarely attends shows, I have elected not to immortalize him here.)


What kind of music do they play? Old time music, rock, country, bluegrass, train beats, waltzes, boogie, with most of the songs written by the band themselves. Peruse the setlists from their shows for concrete examples.

You can learn to play selected songs of theirs with these Chord Sheets


What words do they join with the music to convey something greater than either would be alone? Click here for a songlist, then click the songs for the lyrics. (Only original compositions are listed.)


Like and visit often the facebook site devoted to the band and watch for events created there.


At the first show to feature six members of this band, several photos were taken. Enjoy. Photos are also available at the facebook site devoted to the band.

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